The "LOWEST FEES" LPOS provider out there!

We can provide you the best service at the lowest price of the marketplace!
Fees are only 4% !

How to start

Just fill the form like the images below, whether you're using the QT Wallet or the GUI Wallet
Copy and paste the addresses from below

NIX QT Core Wallet

NIX GUI Wallet

Standard Addresses

    Lease Address

  • NZL2jowDoYLarDb8H52pNAHtM5YohfuAPx
  • Reward Address

  • NPEWCCKZ5yzgcMAsXvvfqTGaY16GraAviM
  • Fee

  • 4 %

Bech32 Addresses (Governance)

    Lease Address

  • nix1q75tdv6vjjxady07fvs8nstan92d0we7t2twyc4
  • Reward Address

  • nix1qdy2myyen2wne64x6sxj0xgqny7qzvuz3che9cr
  • Fee

  • 4 %


99.9% Uptime

Because even god cannot provide 100% uptime

4% - Lowest Fees

With our fully dislocated datacenter we can provide the lowest fees on the marketplace

Total control

The coins never leave your wallet and whenever you want you can cancel the contract and the coins are automatically sent back to you!

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